+Are BKL pieces/fixtures made-to-measure? Can I send You a CAD drawing? I am looking for irregular shapes... (Boomerang shapes...)

Hi! Yes, BKL is made-to-measure! please send Your CAD to info@backlightsrl.com and we will prepare a dedicated shop drawing within 24 hours to show you section, cables options, suggested mounting system and other information. Please do not forget to describe the scope of work of your BKL (ceiling, wall , floor, recessed, suspended or other…) Thanks! Ciao!

+What is the biggest size available for a single module?

It depends on the scope of work but minimum size is 12 x 100 mm and mazximum it 2 x 3 meters. In INCHES 0,5IN x 4 IN to 78 IN x 120 IN.

+Does BKL need for a driver? if so what is the max distance between Backlight and Driver?

Yes, BKL works in CV ( constant voltage) at 24 VDC so ou need for a driver that can be remote. The max distance between BKL and Driver is 12 meters but if you need to put Your driver at 20 mt (for example) do not worry, it will be enough if you tell us before ordering and we will supply a bigger section cable.

+Is your product dimmable?

Yes it is dimmable while also remaining uniform.

+May I get 100 FT run with more BKL (width 2 inches)?

Sure, You will see the seam a little bit but for 2 inches light bar it would be very clean.

+Are the lighting frames around the mirrors a single piece or more lamps with 45° mitred?

We can produce both: more pieces with 45° corners or, if You do not want to see the seams we have an option called HALO , it is a single piece and no seams on corners; it is possible to produce HALO in squares, circles, rectangles but also irregular shapes.

+Does Backlight offer outdoor lighting?

Yes we do, WETTY is the dedicated family. IP67 and WET.

+What is the thickness of BKL panels?

The thickness is less then 1 IN ( 25 mm) including the mounting system.

+How can I find out price per square meter or square foot?

We do not offer price per square meter of foot as there are many factors taken into consideration… However the best way to receive pricing is to send your project to info@backlightsrl.com and we can provide a quote for you within 24 hours. Please be sure to include as much information as possible to help ensure quote accuracy. Thanks in advance!

+What is the price point of BKL?

Backlight price points vary, but it may not be for everyone. We work within a range of product, both luxury and not.

+Hi there! I am doing a big lighting project and I need for some technical assistance. Can I speak with someone by phone? I am going to send an e mail to Your INFO with my contacts. Thanks you in advance!

Hi there, thanks for your interest in our company and products; I just got your e mail, give us 30 seconds and you’ll be contacted by our technician.

+I’d like to dress a wall by BKL panels but i need to make some square holes somewhere inside the lighting surface, is it cuttable?

You cannot cut it once produced but you can send us the drawing including the holes and we will produce accordingly. Ciao!

+How many months do You need to produce from order?

Months?????? Days is the right word!!!! We wusually take 3 working days for made-to-measure samples or small orders like mock-up etc; for huge order we usually take 2 weeks. Anyway it depends on the period of the year and you need to consider the additional timing for the transportation to your country as well. We are very quick!

+Searching for your standard mounting systems, I didn’t find something suitable for the scope of my project… May I screw some clips on BKL?

We offer various standard mounting systems but we are famous Problem Solvers; if you e mail us the scope of work (sections , elevations) we will send You back a shop drawing that inludes custom made system to integrate our BKL inside of your project perfectly (more options if there are). To answer Your question about screwing the clips locally: it is not possible because you risk to damage the product; the best way is if we design the right system. We will take 2 days to send You back our proposals...

+May I clean you panels by water and soap?

Just with a dry fabric, no liquids and no other products.

+Are your panels cULus approved (canadian market)?

Yes it is, Backlight is cULus approved for all sizes and shapes for USA and CANADA. It is also certified for “Storage Area of Clothes Closet”. It is not so easy to find a lighting product with this approval but it is very important... BE WARY OF IMITATIONS !!! By the way... we just got the EAC for Russia in case of future need...

+Where do you produce? Do you have a distributor in ASIA?

We produce in Italy, closed to Milan. Yes we have technical/commercial partners everywhere (or almost). Where are you based in Asia? I’ll put You in contact with the right person!

+May I ask you to print a picture or a texture on your panels?

Yes of course! We just need to get an HR image and we will print id directly on lighting surface. It can be a photo or a STONE TEXTURE for example... We directly print on BKL surface using UV technology.

+Do You have your own installers?

No, we are manufacturers only, but before of each production we develop dedicated and precise instructions for your local installers, and no problem talking with them… For big projects and if complicated, we can send a supervisor.