Backlight panels have a more valuable meaning, indeed, than providing the world the aesthetic, architecture and illumination it desires. If appropriately designed and produced, Backlights are a huge opportunity to create a healthy, safe and sustainable environment. Backlight srl is always glad of helping and supporting the planet and society in the the reduction of carbon footprint and electricity consumption.


It is well known that traditional lamps and illuminations contain polluting substances; such as metal halides and sodium vapors. Differently from traditional lighting systems, Backlights are free of polluting substances and have zero emissions. This is why our clients can use and dispose our products without having consequences on the environment. Additionally, our LED technologies are designed to have a high durability ( around 100.000 hours ), therefore, the disposal of illumination wastes is reduced. It also allows to reduce our wastes as well as our clients do not have to purchase our product multiple times.


Our personnel is well aware, informed and trained about environmental issues and has a big sense of responsibility towards our world. This is why we always seek ways to improve our environmental performance, for example, by taking into account the best technologies, collection and transport methods available. In terms of materials, we mostly use aluminum and PMMA as they are easily recyclable. In case we have to use more materials, we pay close attention to make sure that they are easy to divide. Processes such as gluing and molding, which make that division difficult, are avoided.
During the design and production processes, we always minimize our wastes and reuse them.
To be more efficient in managing our material wastes, we entered into agreements with re-user companies who are in charge to collect them. The Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials (RSRM) policy, except for supporting the environment, is applied to preserve human rights, labor, health, safety and business ethics as well.


Equality and diversity is what enriches our company. We always feel grateful for the wonderful mix of personal identities, values and experiences our company has ; and we will never stop to appreciate, promote and preserve it. The uniqueness of each individual is worthy of respect and Backlight srl offers equal opportunities to everyone involved regardless of her/his gender, ethnicity and anything that can be object of discrimination. We often apply our verification measures as we want to be sure that the slightest kind of discrimination doesn’t occur.


Backlight srl is highly responsible for worker’s safety and it makes sure that it is supervised. Its employees must have a specific formation to prevent any disgrace to occur and to make the company to feel reassured. As a first thing, we want to be sure that our workers are in a good health and we demand documentations that proves us their physical well-being. As a second thing, our specific formation makes sure that each workers know how to recognize and evaluate the risks of a working environment. Despite our working environment is safer enough for our staff competencies, we never give things for granted. This is why a specialist teaches them how they should behave in case of emergencies and how to help who is in a hard place.


Backlight srl highly recognizes the serious dangers of corruption against the business and society; and this is why we have zero tolerance towards the slightest kind of bribery. We act in accordance to our anticorruption policy in each country we do business and with every person involved. We constantly adopt internal controls to make sure that this never occurs and we do not protect anyone involved in this illegal activity. Our laws prohibit are totally against the giving of Anything of Value to influence people’s actions. Maintaining accurate books, records and controls is essential for us to feel safer despite we know we have a valuable, well trained and educated staff.