Once you have in mind how your Backlight panels should be, we suggest you these simple instructions to send your order in the easiest and clearest way.
Your request has to be sent to the following email address: info@backlightsrl.com
Include more information you can about your project and the desired final result, for example: the name of the project, quantities, measures and dimensions, kelvin, drawings or pictures, etc… You can write anything you have in mind and count on our support for the unknown specifications.
Within 48 hours, you will receive an offer and a shop drawing that suit your requests. In case of a different idea, from the one requested; or in case you have to specify further technical characteristics; ,annotate them on the shop drawing you received.
To confirm your order, you must sign your offer and shop drawing – even in case of added annotations - and send them back to us. Without these documents signed, we do not proceed with the production.
Once the procedure is done, your Backlight panels will be produced within two weeks.


+Are Backlight panels and fixture systems made to measure? Can I send you a CAD drawing? I was looking for an irregular shaped panel (for example, boomerang shape...)?

Backlight panels are ma de to measure, therefore, irregular shape can be produced. You can send us the CAD drawing to info@backlightsrl.com. In 24 hours, we will send you a dedicated shop drawing that shows you sections, cable options, mounting system suggested and other information. The scope of work (whether if you want a Backlight ceiling or wall or suspended, etc...) must be specified. In the website's about section there are more information about how to order and send your request. In case, you will receive our support via email.

+What is the biggest size available?

Sizes depend from the scope of work. Generally, the minimum size is 12 x 100 mm and the maximum size is 2 x 3 meters. In Inches, it is 0,5 IN x 4 IN to 78 IN x 120 IN. I f the area to be paneled exceed this dimension, we can still provide the desired effect using more than one panel but not with a single surface effect.

+Does BKL need a driver? What is the maximum distance between the driver and the panel? What if I need them to be more distant?

Backlight needs for a driver in CV (constant voltage) because it works at 24 VDC. The maximum distance between BKL and the a driver is 12 meters. A major distance can be provided but it must be specified in advance.

+Are Backlight panels dimmable?

They are both dimmable and uniform.

+Are the lighting frames around the mirrors a single piece or a combination of lamps? Which shapes are available?

You can obtain both. Backlight Halo is the uniform frame, meaning that borders aren't visible. However, frames can also be created by combining panels with the difference that seams can be visible. Our frames can be of any shape, for example, square, rectangle, circle, irregular shapes (see in the products sections).

+Does Backlight offer outdoor lighting?

For outdoor lighting, we offer the Backlight's Wetty (see in the products section).

+What is the thickness of Backlight, including the mounting system?

Its thickness of ur standard, including the mounting system, is of 1 IN (25 mm).

+What is Backlight price point? Where do I find prices per square meter or square foot? How can I receive a pricing?

Backlight provides luxurious projects but cheaper ones can be requested. Many factors are taken in consideration when determined the price and this is why we cannot provide prices in advance.
The pricing of your project can be received in 24 hours after sending your request to info@backlightsrl.com. Please be sure to include as much information as possible to help ensure quote accuracy. Thanks in advance (see how to order section).

+Can I have technical assistance for my project?

If requested, our technicians will contact you with pleasure.
II'd like to dress a wall by Backlight panels but i need to make some square holes somewhere inside the lighting surface, is it cuttable?
We can produce holes inside of our panels as per CAD drawing but, once produced, they cannot be cut.

+How much does it take to receive my order?

Usually, we take 3 working days for made to measure samples or small orders like mock up, etc.; For huge orders, we usually take two weeks. However, it depends from the year period and additional transportation timing must be considered.

+Searching in your standard mounting systems, I didn't find something suitable for the scope of my project..... May I screw some clips on BKL?

Screwing the clips locally is not possible because you risk to damage the product and there is no need. We offer various standard mounting systems but they can also be customed according to your scope of work.

+How do I clean the panel?

Just use a dry fabric no liquids and no other products

+Which certifications do you have?

Backlight certifications are: CE, cULus, RoHS, EAC Storage Area of Clothes Closet, Title 24 JA8.

+Where do you produce? Do you have a distributor in ASIA?

We produce in Italy, close to Milan but we have technical and commercial partners almost everywhere worldwide. Where are you based in Asia? We will put You in contact with the right person!

+May I ask you to print a picture or a texture on your panels?

Yes of course! We just need to get an HR image and we will print directly on the light surface by UV technology, please write us an e mail and we will send You some pictures of works made.

+Do You have your own installers?

We are only manufacturers but before each production we provide dedicated and precise instructions for your local installers. In case needed, we can also talk with them. For bigger projects, we can send a supervisor on site if required.