Backlight is the immediate answer.
It is the guaranteed result.
All over the world.

Since 1998 Backlight has been a place of experimentation, a space in which a precise philosophy has been cultivated: that of listening.

Listening to man and his needs, from which simple answers are given to the needs of a society which is in constant evolution.
Knowing how to listen is an art: only those who are truly able to do it can cultivate the ambition of satisfying the needs by which the world today is strongly conditioned.
It is by starting from this simple - but in no ways banal - truth that the story of Backlight is composed: initially the company worked in the feld of the engineering and production of instruments for the Automotive sector, making numerous devices which are still used today by major car manufacturers.
But one passion in particular was developed by the founders: the passion for lighting which launched an original story from which innovative products were developed, the expression of technological excellence and design.
This passion developed to such a point that it was transformed into art, into an innovative lighting system which uses light as a material, concentrating on the service it offers man. And so, in 1998 Roberto, Claudio and Andrea Scarpini realised their dream, setting up a company that could invent, produce, promote and sell their own creations, in which light itself is placed at the service of architecture: Backlight.

The story of Backlight takes shape as an intuition, closely linked to the country in which it was born, Italy, and is structured in the intricate textures of architecture and design, aware of how much the tradition which supports it has contributed to its growth, attributing a very precise value to the reation of products that constitute a unique combination of skill, technology and design.
The guideline around which all the branches of its chain are developed is the capacity to master a production potential worthy of a great industry, succeeding in being, at the same time, fexible, immediate, positive and impeccable in terms of quality like an artisan company.
The soul of each product is born from the passion used in creating it, in every phase of the production process, where innovation concerns not only the products, but the processes too.
For these reasons Backlight srl is appreciated by numerous sectors of architecture and is currently a producer of Light that is the ideal partner of a great number of prestigious fashion houses, very famous international Lighting Designers and of many Archistars, both for projects that require very small quantities of a unit and for projects requiring thousands of bespoke units, always winning the battle against impossible delivery timescales.

This is the the story of a father and his sons, italian men who have believed in making light a material. Nothing more.

This is a story to be told to one’s children

to make them understand that the world is in their hands, in their ideas, in their heart, with the awareness that what will happen tomorrow is only the glowing exhalation of the sparkle in their eyes. It talks about the courage of following one’s thought, to see beyond conventions and to love progress as the only reason for life.

This is a story to be told to one’s grandchildren

to make them willing to be wrapped in the warm embrace of the world that now il sheltering, raising and loving them. To let them live the time of their life, setting their small roots free, growing up day after day, warmed by the heat of those who are building a better future for them.

This is a story that can be told to one’s fathers

with the pride of those who have been able to give their personal contribution to the history of human intelligence, of those who have understood that the real work follows the unpredictable path of passion, but is regulated by a greater plan, a huge plan that fades away in the sunrise over the ocean. Of those who are willing to be thankful and give back to the world the fruit of their own ideas.

Our desire is to tell You the story of some men of our times

who have decided to follow the wild path of excellence, by finding in their imagination the power to fueltheir heart. Some men who are reinterpreting the sense of existence with the ability of making every image of life exclusive and passionate.