Backlight guarantees uniform light in a very limited thickness.

Backlight, invented and produced by the company with the same name in Italy, is an innovative material, created to light space, an extraordinary solution able to adapt to any architecture.

Backlight has studied light, bending it to construction malleability and dressing it with design, with the aim of creating solutions that are not simple instruments, but conscious bearers of a message, in which light itself becomes the main player in everyday life, at the service of life, man and everything that surrounds him.
Enclosed within only 25 mm, light is emitted uniformly from the whole surface of the Backlight, which is composed of a sandwich of acrylic and metallic materials, skilfully used as light refectors and conductors. Thanks to constant research and the use of LED technology, it is an extraordinary lighting system that uses very little electricity.

With a weight of 22 kg per square meter, it can be made-to-measure and to design in all sizes between 100 x 12 mm and 2006 x 3048 mm, even in irregular shapes.

According to requirements with any temperature colour of emitted light on request, but also in Tunable White ,RGB, RGBW, Dim to Warm versions.
Backlight functions at 24 VDC and can be dimmed when switched on, keeping the promise of perfect lighting uniformity, emitted from its whole surface even when only 1% lit.
The Backlight product can be controlled from all existing management and control systems.
Backlight is well suited to the technical lighting needs of a space and as decorating or light cladding accessory for an area or a volume and can be fitted with an unlimited series of fixture systems, from magnetic to mechanical, depending on where the required project is located.
Even the position of the electric cable outlets and their length can always be customised.
Backlight is also an excellent solution for the backlighting of any translucent material such as some stones, fabrics, resins or decorative glasses and at the same time can be directly printed to obtain light patterns.
There are many advantages to be gained choosing Backlight as light emission, but last but not least is the UL certifcation valid for USA and Canada; in fact the company is one of the few lighting manufacturers in the world to have obtained this certifcation for its ìmade-to-measure products.
A guarantee of quality for the clients but also enormous savings in timescales between ordering a custom-made product and delivery with certifcation for the mentioned markets.

Be wary of imitations,
choose the original

Backlight is an innovative material to build architecture

Due to the steady research and the employed led technology, Backlight is an extraordinary luminous element with an extremely low energy waste.

Backlight is a material with uniform light

The colour of light can be chosenamong the different white colour temperatures or in the rgb, rgbw, tunable white, dim to warm versions.

Backlight can be manufactured with whatever shape and size

this makes an extremely versatile and suitable to any need.

Backlight is known and appreciated all over the world

thanks to its applied technology coming from a productive mathematics that still remains a company secret and allows for the programmed inclusions in the panel of calibrated potentials of reflection.